Nissan pretty much invented the B-segment SUV with their million-selling Juke and now they are on the cusp of revealing the very latest version.

Designed in Europe, New JUKE has been an exciting and successful journey in collaboration, bringing together talented Nissan designers across the region to work together on its evolution. 

Before the official unveiling in early September, Nissan can reveal:

  • Sleek coupe lines, striking 19” alloy wheels and athletic stance that set a new standard in compact crossover design
  • Inspiration for the new JUKE design development has been tailored around B-SUV customer demands for leading design, latest tech and ‘fun to drive’ performance
  • Loaded with empowering tech, JUKE becomes the third Nissan model to feature ProPILOT technology, which forms part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision
  • The footprint of new JUKE has increased in size to provide greater ‘roominess’ and comfort for the driver and passengers, without losing its agile driving style

From what Nissan has told us so far we know that the 2020 Juke will be bigger, have autonomous driving technology and much more modern design.

At the time of launching it is expected that the Juke will only have a 1.0l petrol engine available, but we are expecting a plug-in hybrid will be announced early net year.

With boot space up from 422 litres to 354 litres, the new Juke will be perfect for families whose children have grown since they bought their original Juke over the last few years.

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