2021 Corsa & Corsa-e Specifications

The 2021 model updates for the UKs favourite first car are here! The Corsa receives a styling refresh, with a larger range of trim and lower list prices for the new year, with the Corsa SE trim coming in at £16k, while the Corsa-e starts at around £26k. There is also a brand-new 1.2litre 130PS 8-speed automatic powertrain added to the line-up.


Vauxhall have made it more affordable to buy the all-electric version of their hatchback with savings of £1,000 on-the-road and lower list price for SE Nav Premium models. The Corsa-e has also added premium to all of its trim names in recognition of the wealth of standard equipment that comes with it. It is available in three trim levels: SE Nav Premium, SRi Nav Premium and Elite Nav Premium.

The SRi model adds 17in alloy wheels, sports seats, red interior accents, tinted rear windows and sports pedals into the mix for a much sportier feel. All Corsa-e models also boast a 50kW battery and 136PS electric motor capable of 209 miles on one charge and will charge to 80% in 30 minutes with a 100kW rapid charger.


SE Nav Premium – 7.4kW – Auto – 136PS - £26,640

SE Nav Premium – 11kW – Auto – 136PS - £27,490

SRi Nav Premium – 7.4kW – Auto – 136PS - £27,890

SRi Nav Premium – 11kW – Auto – 136PS - £28,740

Elite Nav Premium – 7.4kW – Auto – 136PS - £30,045

Elite Nav Premium – 11kW -Auto – 136PS - £30,895



The all-new 2021 Corsa model will now be available in SE, SE Premium, SRi, SRi Premium, Elite, Elite Nav, Elite Nav Premium and Ultimate Nav.


SE-5 Speed-Petrol-1.2-75PS-£16,440.00
SE-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£17,240.00
SE-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£19,010.00
SE-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£18,430.00
SE Premium-5 Speed-Petrol-1.2-75PS-£17,270.00
SE Premium-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£18,070.00
SE Premium-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£19,840.00
SE Premium-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£19,260.00
SRi-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£19,690.00
SRi-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-130PS-£22,530.00
SRi-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£20,880.00
SRi Premium-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£20,955.00
SRi Premium-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-130PS-£23,795.00
SRi Premium-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£22,145.00
Elite-5 Speed-Petrol-1.2-75PS-£18,355.00
Elite-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£19,155.00
Elite-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£20,925.00
Elite-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£20,345.00
Elite Nav-5 Speed-Petrol-1.2-75PS-£18,855.00
Elite Nav-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£19,655.00
Elite Nav-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£21,425.00
Elite Nav-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£20,845.00
Elite Nav Premium-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£21,475.00
Elite Nav Premium-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£23,245.00
Elite Nav Premium-6 Speed-Diesel-1.5 Turbo D-102PS-£22,665.00
Ultimate Nav-6 Speed-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-100PS-£25,165.00
Ultimate Nav-8 Speed Auto-Petrol-1.2 Turbo-130PS-28,105.00 

The Elite trim is new for the range, and sits below Elite Nav, with the main difference being it doesn’t have the built-in navigation system. SRi models feature automatic LED lights and 17in bi-colour wheels to help you stand out a little more.

The biggest change for the range though is the introduction of the new 1.2litre turbo 8-speed automatic engine. It will be available with SRi or Ultimate Nav models and produce 130PS, taking you from 0-60 in 8.2 seconds.

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