You may feel in the modern world many have given up the long commutes for a life of working from home. This is true in many cases yet daily commutes are still common, even if only reduced office time. And after the pandemic and the risks of infection, many may choose to drive in their own car rather than train/bus to work. 

The drive to work is the one that you probably know best and do the most. This can make it seem dull/dreary, especially first thing on a Monday morning with the rain lashing down! But having the right companion to do the journey with (the car) can make all the difference. So, Nikki has been hard at work comparing the stats to bring you CarMoney's top 6 best commuter cruisers...

6. Under 15K: Hyundai i10 SE Connect

Price: £11,489

Economy: 54mpg

Monthly Finance: £239*

The i10 comes with more space than you might imagine, not only that, relatively long chassis makes it a pretty comfortable cruiser. SE Connect brings an eight-inch infotainment system, full smartphone connectivity and a reversing camera, while low road tax and insurance costs, and 50mpg-plus economy make it a great commuter car.


5. 15K-25K: Ford Focus Ecoboost 100 Zetec

Price: £17,000 (2020)

Economy: 62mpg

Monthly Finance: £228*

The Focus ticks a lot of boxes; it’s very practical, large enough for a small family, it handles corners very well and offers the prospect of good fuel economy. A new-generation Focus arrived in 2018, introducing ‘mild hybrid’ technology for improved fuel economy. 


4. 25K-35K: BMW 5 Series

Price: £31,000

Economy: 63mpg

Monthly Finance: £468*

A comfortable cruiser designed to take you long distances as economically as possible. Perhaps not as much as a Tesla, but that is hard to compete with at this price range! Coming with plenty of comfort and spec with leather interior, Apple CarPlay and interior lighting. 


3. 35K-45K: Tesla Model 3

Price: £38,950

Range: 254 miles

Monthly Finance: £746*

With a more impressive range than most EVs, the Model 3 brings in a new class of electrified vehicles. It has a longer range, more tech, and an effortless speed. With 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds, this version puts many performance cars to shame. 


2. 45K-55K: Volvo XC60

Price: £47,995

Economy: 55-60mpg

Monthly Finance: £743.*

With a relaxing driving experience, excellent seats and a cabin that says ‘calm’ more than almost any other, the XC60 is a perfect car for stressful commutes. Plus, with a plug-in hybrid option, you can go even better on your wallet and carbon footprint!


1. 55K-65K: Jaguar I-Pace

Price: £59,950

Range: 292 miles

Monthly Finance: £836*

This car really did hit the ground running even though they launched after Tesla came in with their electric SUV. But a brilliant car this is, and worth the wait! If you are shopping at this end of the list then the i-Pace should definitely be on your radar...


So there you have it! Our top 6 picks for commuters everywhere. Do you agree or think we have missed out on an important car? It was a difficult decision to pull out from a list of many great cars. 

Posted 17/03/2022 Back to Blog

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