Which Air-Freshener Fits Your Personality?

Car Smells for your Stereotype - Which Air Freshener Fits Your Personality?

One aspect of owning a car that often gets overlooked is what your car smells like. We are often guilty of just judging a car by how it looks, but it’s another of the five senses that we’re focusing on today.

With that being said, we’re looking into specific personality traits and what they say about how your car should smell. Unique air fresheners are a great way to show everyone your unique style, but what should your car smell like?

We’ve created some fantastic car fragrances that can suit different personalities, where you can mash your favourite things together to create the ideal scent for you. Remember, it’s just a bit of fun!

OAP Sunday Driver

Key Scents:

  1. Old Spice
  2. Roast dinner
  3. Werther's Originals

If your favourite drive of the week happens to be a slow and relaxing trip around the coast, then the OAP Sunday Driver air freshener could be for you.

There’s a certain old-fashioned musk surrounding this particular fragrance, and we’re imagining a nice warm Sunday in June with the manual roll-down window letting a gentle breeze into the car. With the popularity of vaping in the modern-day, you don’t see too many pipes around, but the OAP Sunday Driver sticks to the traditions.

Deciding what to wear on their leisurely drive out can be tough, but you can’t go wrong with a tweed jacket, a style that will never go out of fashion.

There are several key scents to this freshener, with top notes of Old Spice mixed with a strong middle note of a traditional roast dinner. Roast beef, gravy, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, carrots and peas all feature in this hunger-inducing aroma.

The base note is an oldie’s favourite: Wether’s Originals. With main scents of butter and caramel, your car can smell of the pensioner’s most treasured sweets.

Price: £5.99

Fiat 500 Twitter

Key Scents:

  1. Tango Ice Blast Cherry and Blue Raspberry
  2. Tanning Products
  3. Nandos and Cinnamon

We’ve listed Fiat 500 as the car of choice for this particular driver, but other options like a Mini Cooper or a Volkswagen Beetle also work. In the drinks compartment, we’re likely to see a Tango Ice Blast, fresh from seeing the latest rom-com at the Cinema, to add a bit of flavour to proceedings. 

The top notes of cherry and blue raspberry dominate the senses, giving you that nostalgic cinema feeling. Speaking of being tango’d, we’ve included middle notes of tanning products, which is a staple of this driver too. Got to look and smell good at all times!

With a splash of pink here and there, being in tune with the latest fashion is crucial. Nike Air Force 1’s tend to be the trainer of choice here, though knowing how quickly things change, they could be yesterday’s news soon enough.

The base notes of the freshener comprise of the same scents you would smell at your local Nandos, as who doesn’t love the smell of seasoned chicken? This mixes nicely with hints of cinnamon, which is ideal for those winter vibes. If you’re off out for a meal in the evening, make sure you’re back home by 9 for the latest Love Island episode. x

Price: £14.99

Boy Racer

Key Scents:

  1. Guava and Mango Energy Drink
  2. Lynx Africa
  3. Cola Flavour Vape Liquid

Everyone reading is likely to be familiar with the idea of a Boy Racer. Whether they’re flying down your street at 2am or lurking in a McDonald’s car park, they tend to have very distinguishing features.

Car modifications are a must here, with custom-built bass speakers taking up the entire boot area and neon lights brightening up the drive.

In terms of this freshener’s scents, cracking open a full sugar energy drink is a must no matter how far the trip. With colourful flavours like guava and mango on a rotation system, these make up the top notes of this fragrance.

Classic deodorants that are often found in the bargain bins can fill the air too as the middle notes, making a mix of, let’s say, ‘interesting’ scents.

Rounding off this attack on the senses is the base notes of cola flavour vape liquid, making this urban air freshener a must for those that make adding neon lights to their car a priority.

Price: £9.99

Gym Head

Key Scents:

  1. Peanut Butter Protein Powder
  2. Orange Lucozade Sport, Fresh Chicken, Rice
  3. Musky Gym Bag

After being closed for so long, the stereotypical gym go-er will be delighted to mould their car to smell like their favourite place on the planet.

Whether it’s on the trip to the gym or the drive back, one of the overpowering smells is destined to be coming from heaps of protein powder. We’ve gone for a peanut butter flavour as our strong top note, as everyone needs to know it’s full of protein, right?

After pumping iron at the gym, it’s crucial to replenish those electrolytes with an isotonic drink, providing a nice orange scent as the middle note, which can last for between 20 and 60 minutes.

It goes without saying as well that there’ll be an unfortunate stench of musk and sweat. If not, you didn’t work hard enough! If you can’t hack that assault on the sinuses, this fragrance is probably not for you.

Price: £2.99



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