All-new Peugeot 208 news and finance

If you love superminis, want to look stylish and want to save the planet then the all-new 208 from Peugeot could be the car for you.

We are all used to car manufacturers allowing you to customise everything from roof graphics to the colour of your alloy wheels, but Peugeot wants to go a step further with their “choose your PEUGEOT, choose your powertrain” philosophy.

With the choice of diesel, petrol or all-electric powertrains, Peugeot is the first manufacturer to stop separating electric cars our into slightly different models (even Volkswagen does this with the e-Golf) and just lets you choose the most suitable one for you when you visit the showroom or buy online.

With demand growing for electric cars for the masses, the e-208 (hmmm, maybe Peugeot are still at it) starts at £25,050 (after the £3,500 Plug-In Car Grant) for the “Active” trim level.

Although this is the basic trim level it still comes with 16-inch alloy wheels (steel wheels for the e-208), Active Safety Brake with pedestrian detection, electric and heated door mirrors and LED daytime running lights with PEUGEOT’s unique ‘Tooth’ design. The e-208 in Active trim also features pre-heating functionality and automatic air conditioning.

Missing out on alloy wheels but having the ability for your car to be toasty warm on winter mornings doesn’t seem like a bad exchange, but we anticipate that most buyers will upgrade to the Allure trim which comes with 16-inch alloys for the e-208, 3D i-Cockpit® with configurable 3D head-up instrument panel and fancier LED taillights.

First deliveries of the new 208 don’t start until early next year, however, you can order you new cars from the 22nd of August via the Peugeot website.

Looking for the current model? We've got a great selection of Peugeot 208 finance deals


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