Covid-19 Car Finance HP and PCP Payment Holiday

With the coronavirus situation placing the UK into lockdown and many people unable to work, lenders have been inundated with requests for payment holidays. If you think you are going to have trouble meeting your repayments then it’s important that you get in touch with your lender as soon as possible.


Can I get a holiday payment on my car finance?

Every lender is different and some may be treating customers on a case by case basis. To find out whether you can get a holiday payment you need to call your lender and speak to one of their advisors. Here’s a list of the lenders you might have finance with:

Alphera Financial Services

Advantage Finance Limited

Barclays PLC

1st Stop Car Finance

Santander UK Plc

Blue Motor Finance

Moneyway Motor Finance

Billing Finance Ltd

Hitachi Personal Finance

Startline Motor Finance

Moneybarn Ltd

Amigo Loans Ltd

Paragon Bank Plc

Oodle Car Finance

The Funding Corporation

Premium Credit Limited (Insurance premiums only)



How do I find out who my lender is?

If you can’t remember who you got your finance with the best way to find them is to either search your email or to look on your bank statement to see the name next to your monthly vehicle payment.


Can I just hand my car back?

If you have paid back over 50% of the total amount borrowed then you may be able to hand your car back to the finance provider and terminate the agreement early. Please be aware however, you must have taken reasonable car of the vehicle and any damage may be charged back to you. You must also check that you have not exceeded any mileage stipulations that were part of the contract.

Can I reduce my monthly payments?

Similar to a payment holiday, lenders are all taking a different position on this so you will need to contact them and ask the question. If you explain your individual circumstances then help might be available.

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