Fiat Mild Hybrid 500 & Panda News

Fiat has unveiled the UK pricing of the 500 Mild Hybrid and Panda Mild Hybrid, the cars will arrive in UK showrooms soon, the 500 is due in February while the Panda is due in March.

Offering mild hybrid technology to both the 500 and Panda brings hybrid technology to a huge market with 400,000 cars sold each year. Adding Mild Hybrid technology to the 500 and Panda brings efficiency to an already small, light and nimble car giving an affordable hybrid option. This is the start of the electrification of Fiat, with their goal for more sustainable urban driving. With the next step being the new 500 which will be 100% electric.

The mild hybrid technology comes in the form of the newest 3-cylinder FireFly 1.0-litre engine combined with a 12-volt Belt-integrated Starter Generator (BSG) electric motor with a lithium battery, to deliver 70hp.

In comparison to the old 1.2-litre 69hp petrol engine, the mild hybrid system increases fuel efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30% while not affecting performance. The 500 Mild Hybrid produces only 88g/km of CO2 and gives fuel economy of 53.3mpg, The Panda Mild Hybrid only produces 89g/km and gives 49.6mpg. The BSG allows for a quiet, vibration-free restart of the internal combustion engine when in Start&Stop mode.

Both the Panda and 500 use a 6-speed manual transmission to aid fuel economy during out-of-town driving, this has been achieved by using new low-friction bearings and gaskets as well as high-efficiency lubricant.

The Fiat 500 Mild Hybrid starts from £12,665 OTR and the Fiat Panda Mild Hybrid starts at £13,855 OTR.

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