Ford Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid News

Ford brings zero-emission driving to the one-tonne van segment with the new Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid, Ford is the first manufacturer to offer a Plug-in Hybrid in this segment. The Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid can run solely on electric power for a range of 35 miles helping bring down emissions. This also means the Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid can now access the ultra-low emission areas which have been appearing in cities around Europe.

An advanced hybrid system is in use; a 92.9kWh electric motor is used to drive the front wheels coupled to a 13.6kWh lithium-ion battery. The 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine is used as a range extender giving a total range of over 310 miles with 91.7mpg and emissions of 60g/km. Ford have been efficient with the battery packaging which is under the floor meaning the load volume is still 6.0m³. The battery pack is also covered by the standard 8-year/100,000-mile warranty, giving peace of mind.

The charging point is found in the front bumper, the battery can be charged in as little as 4.3 hours using a standard 240-volt, 10-amp supply or 2.7 hours using a commercial type-2 AC vehicle charger. Four different EV modes are available to the driver;

*EV Auto – this lets the computer decide the best use of power to give optimal performance and efficiency.

*EV Now – used the power in the battery for no emissions driving, only using the range extender when the battery power is at it's lowest.

*EV Later – this is used to maintain the level of charge in the battery using the range extender.

*EV Charge – uses the range extender to power the vehicle also charging the battery.

On the inside the rev counter has been replaced by a power/charge gauge, allowing the driver to keep track of their power usage. The engine coolant gauge has been replaced by a charge level indicator for the battery while the trip computer has also been refined to show details of the hybrid powertrain.

The Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid is available to order now and deliveries are expected before the end of the year, with prices starting at £39,145 in Leader trim; £40,595 in Trend trim and £42,950 in Limited trim (all prices excluding VAT).

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