Four Unexpected Fines That Could Cost Motorists £3,700

The car finance experts CarMoney are warning motorists to be mindful of everyday driving habits that may come with an unexpected fine: 

1. Dodgy handbrake - £2,500 

To avoid causing wear and tear on the handbrake, some drivers choose to not use the handbrake when parked on a flat road. However, if the handbrake on your vehicle needs adjustment or is broken completely, this will negatively affect its roadworthiness and likely bring you a fine of £2,500. If this defect is the cause of an accident, your insurance policy may also be void so fix issues with your handbrake for approximately £150 depending on the car model.

2. Throwing a cigarette out of a car window - £100

Whether the car is moving or not, the “incorrect disposal of a cigarette” out of the window is classed as littering and may come with a fixed penalty notice of £50-100 for caught offenders. Whilst smoking and driving is not an offence in itself if in a vehicle with passengers over the age of 18, the fine was introduced to curb the negative impact of cigarette butts on the environment and to be in line with current littering laws. Avoid smoking whilst driving to reduce the risk of a littering fine. 

3. Having a dirty number plate - £1,000

It’s easily done, especially in the winter months, with dirt build-up from wet roads but a dirty number plate can result in a £1,000 fine. Having an “unreadable” number plate goes against the Highway Code, which states that “lights, indicators and number plates must be kept clean and clear”. So keep your plates wiped clean after journeys on dirty roads.

4. Stopping beyond the white line at traffic lights - £100 + 3 penalty points

A simple mistake of stopping beyond the Advanced Stop Lines (ASL) could land drivers with a £100 fine plus three penalty points on their licence. The white line box indicates a reserved space for cyclists to be visible and ahead of cars and motorcycles, but many motorists creep into this box, risking a fine. To avoid this, be mindful of stopping at a red light behind the first white line and giving space to cyclists in front.

Marketing & Partnerships Manager at CarMoney Andrew Marshall says “More and more drivers are being caught out on the roads by unexpected fines. More publicised offences, such as making phone calls whilst driving, are already deemed unacceptable in our society but simple things such as throwing a cigarette out of a window are what we see on journeys every day, and often without consequence. We are reminding road users to be considerate of other road users and obey driving laws for their own safety and the safety of others whilst travelling.”

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