Mercedes Benz have updated the GLA, the entry-level model into their SUV range. The new GLA is taller than it's predecessor by more than ten centimetres, this give more headroom in the front, the legroom in the rear has also been improved, although the new GLA is one and a half centimetres shorter than before. The new GLA holds on to it's SUV characteristics such as short overhangs and protective cladding, the 4MATIC models come, as standard, with the Off-Road Engineering Package, giving another driving program, downhill driving assist and off-road animation in the media display, when Multibeam LED headlights are optioned a special light function is available for off-road driving.

A new driving assistance system helps improve the safety of the new GLA. The new system has many functions such as turning manoeuvre function, emergency corridor function and exit warning function alert the driver to both cyclists and vehicles on the road, and gives warnings when pedestrians are close to zebra crossings. Another safety system employed by the new GLA is Active Brake Assist, which applies the brakes autonomously to avoid collisions at speeds up to 60 km/h for stationary vehicles or pedestrians crossing the road ahead.

As well as the small overhangs the GLA has a flowing body, power domes on the bonnet and alloy wheels up to 20” inch which sit flush with the bodywork, these features combined give a very muscular look. The doors cover over the sills allowing easier access and also give more protection in the case of a side impact.

On the inside, the dashboard is simple in design, features cutouts for both the driver and passenger. The driver's side has a free-standing display, arranged in one of three available layouts; two 7” displays, a 7” and a 10.25” display or two 10.25” displays. The cutout on the passenger side houses a piece of trim. As standard the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system is equipped, the system features a powerful computer paired to a brilliant screen and graphics, with customisable features, full-colour head-up display, an augmented reality navigation system, learning software and voice control accessible by saying “Hey Mercedes”.

The new GLA will be available across Europe from spring 2020.

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