The long-awaited eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf has finally been revealed. In the Golf's previous seven generations it has sold more than 35 million units over 40 years. This brand new Golf has some of the latest technology including five different hybrid drive models, it is still unmistakably a Golf having updated but familiar styling cues.

The new Golf will feature the latest generation of TSI engines paired to a belt starter generator and a 48V lithium-ion battery to create a new mild-hybrid drive in the eTSI. The use of hybrid technology has lead to a 10% drop in fuel consumption and helps the car to pull away in a smooth manner. There will be three different eTSI drive trains available at different power ratings; 81 kW/110 PS, 96 kW/130 PS and 110 kW/150 PS.

Two plug-in hybrid drive versions will be available, these will take shape as an efficient model and a sporty GTE model, their power output will be 150 kW/204 PS and 180 kW/245 PS respectively. Both of these plug-in hybrid drive models will come with the latest 13 kWh lithium-ion battery to allow an electric-only, zero-emissions driving range of around 60 km.

As well as the hybrid models, petrol (TSI), diesel (TDI) and natural gas drive (TGI) models will be available with two four-cylinder petrol engines; 66 kW/90 PS and 81 kW/110 PS, two four-cylinder diesel engines; 85 kW/115 PS and 110 kW/150 PS and a single TGI model with 96 kW/130 PS. Thanks to elements including the TSI Miller combustion process the TSI engine have low consumption figures and emissions. The TDI engines have also had a reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 80% due to VW using twin-dosing technology (two SCR catalytic converters), the TDI consumption has been lowered by up to 17% as well compared to the outgoing model.

The eighth-generation Golf has Consistently Connected and Car2X as standard, these two systems communicate with each other but also connect to the world using an online connectivity unit (OCU). The Car2X connects to other cars with the system up to 800 meters away and shares information about traffic, giving a display to the driver. This Swarm intelligence brings the latest in traffic safety.

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