The new Honda Jazz has broken cover and will feature a two-motor hybrid system as standard for the first time, while retaining the class-leading comfort and space adding “EV-like” driving characteristics.

The Jazz will bring the benefits in efficiency and performance of the hybrid powertrain to the mass market. Honda is on a mission to have an electric powertrain for each of their mainstream models in Europe by 2022. With the new Jazz, Honda is introducing the “e.HEV” badging and is the first of the “Honda e:Technology” product branding which will be used for all Honda's electrified models in the future.

The Jazz DNA is still at the heart of the new car with a familiar outline present. Honda have used clean lines like those seen in the Honda e, showing the direction Honda is moving in. New structural technology has allowed the A-pillars to be cut down by 50% compared to the outgoing Jazz, giving greater visibility. Structural rigidity has also been improved even with the thinner A-pillars.

The interior is much like the exterior with a clean, contemporary design having a user-friendly instrument panel. Wider body stabilising front seats use mat-structure support instead of the spring set-up used previously, thicker padding is used on the rear seats giving better comfort for the passengers.

A new “Crosstar” version of the Jazz will also be available, it will feature a raised ride height, unique front grille, integrated roof rails and water-resistant upholstery for more of a crossover feel.

The new Jazz comes with safety features and driver aids to complete the package, the Honda Sensing technology has been beefed up with the addition of a new wider, higher-definition camera allowing for better awareness of its surroundings. Honda's Collision Mitigation Brake System has been improved in the night-time operation to detect pedestrians and cyclists in low light situations, and applying the brakes if oncoming traffic cuts across the route of the car.

The new Jazz will be available across Europe from mid-2020.

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