The electric vehicle market is exploding at an ever-increasing rate! With more EVs hitting the market than ever before, it is becoming clear that we are moving towards a zero-emissions industry. We at CarMoney are very excited about this next car though! With extremely impressive sales numbers after its release in 2018, particularly in Europe, the Hyundai Kona is back and updated for 2021! Not only has it been stuffed with some more tech to make your driving experience more enjoyable, but it has also had an exterior refresh, as well as a host of new best-in-class safety features.

In just 2 years Hyundai have sold over 120,000 units globally, 55,000 of which were in Europe. You can understand why when you look at the statistics of this car. It currently holds the range record for EVs with 1,026km on 1 charge! New models haven’t changed their winning recipe, still boasting a 300-mile range. Did you know the 2018 Kona is in the Guinness Book of World Records? It claims top spot for reaching the highest altitude any EV has managed climbing 5,731 metres!

Onto the upgrades, and we’ll start with the exterior re-design. The front has been given a closed grille, giving the Kona a sleeker, cleaner look. A lower front bumper and vertical air inlets have been added in front of the wheels to improve overall aerodynamics and reduce turbulence in the wheel housing. New headlight designs are sharper and stretch further round the side and of the car to complete the front. The new Kona also comes with a larger range of colour options, for all of you fussy folk!

Moving inside, the Kona has been really spruced up! You now have a 10.25inch digital cluster and an optional ANV unit which incorporates Bluelink, Hyundai LIVE services and Apple/Android CarPlay. You can also download the Bluelink app, allowing you to Start/Stop the engine and also control the charging from your phone. Users can also access an advanced battery management system in order to select charging times that best fit their schedule or their budget by making the most of off-peak electricity rates. As with the last model, rear seat passengers will still have heated seats, but also now have USB charging ports to help create a very comfortable experience in the back. To finish off, the driver and passenger footwells are illuminated in ambient lighting, emphasising the lifestyle character of the vehicle… apparently!

Like its predecessor, the new Kona has 2 options for battery electric powertrains, with no compromises on performance. The long-range version with a 64kWh battery with a top speed of 167km/h. The short-range has a 39.2kWh battery with a top speed of 155km/h. Both deliver 395NM of torque instantly! As expected, the range on both options is different, with the short-range managing about 189 miles on 1 charge while the long-range option still manages 300 miles off a single charge!

The safety features in the Kona are what sets it apart though:

·         Blind spot collision avoidance [New]

·         Rear cross traffic collision avoidance [New]

·         Leading vehicle departure alert [New]

·         Safe exit warning [New]

·         Rear seat alert [New]

·         Smart cruise control

·         Forward collision avoidance

·         Lane following assist

·         Lane keeping assist

·         Rear seat alert

·         Intelligent speed limit warning

So, the new Kona has kept what made it so successful and looks like they have built off of it, creating a modern, comfortable, and everyday usable EV! For all of the competitors out there, the bar has been set… If you want an SUV with plenty of tech, driver assistance, comfort in the front and back as well as having zero-emissions, this is for you!

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