New Mercedes C-Class Saloon and Estate 2021

The sixth generation of the Mercedes C-Class has arrived, and when Mercedes releases a new C-Class, it is hard not to look and go “Ooft that looks nice!” And these new models are no different, flaunting a sleek and flowing look to their exterior. The front grille changes as you go up in spec, with the top-line AMG models having the classic diamond grille and chrome touches to assert themselves on a sunny day. Some things never change with Mercs! The new models will go on sale some time at the end of March and deliveries will begin in Summer, so what can you expect?

Exterior Design and Powertrain

Well, the outside remains mainly familiar to lovers of the C-Class but does receive tweaks to make it look “in motion at a standstill”. Apparently, designers have reduced lines to a minimum, which accentuates the so-called catwalk line or shoulder line even more, whatever the heck that means. I didn’t know cars had shoulders!

The new C-Class is powered exclusively by electrified four-cylinder engines, right up to the (as-yet-unseen) AMG C63 hot range-topper, with plug-in and mild-hybrid technology rolled out across the range for better efficiency and reduced emissions. The Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 team also worked with the C-Class development team to introduce a new turbocharger with better responsiveness and efficiency. This helps even the petrol models get between 36-46mpg. New headlights are LED units as standard across the range.

Interior and Specification

There is a new 10.25in touchscreen infotainment as standard along with Mercedes high-definition LCD digital instrument display. A nine-speed automatic gearbox is now standard fitment on all models, in line with Mercedes’ plan to gradually phase out manual gearboxes and is said to be lighter and more efficient than the previous unit.

The C-Class is the second model in Mercedes’ line-up to use the second-generation MBUX infotainment system, which brings an upgraded version of the firm’s Hey Mercedes voice assistant, various smart home functions, and integrated music streaming platform all come

Upgrades to the Driving Assistance Package include a more advanced Active Distance Assist function, 360deg multilane recognition for the Active Steering Assist programme and enhanced automatic traffic-sign recognition.

UK trim levels have not yet been announced, but it’s likely that the European Avantgarde spec will be badged Sport in Britain, with a more reserved look compared with big-selling AMG Line models and their Premium and Premium Plus variants. These get larger wheels than the standard 17-inch alloys, up to 19 inches in size, and also come fitted with an AMG Line body kit, consisting of a more aggressive lower front bumper, side skirts, and a rear bumper with a diffuser and twin exhaust exits.

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