Adopting a new shape and getting an influx of upgraded tech that rivals and arguable beats its contenders in the compact SUV range, the Audi SQ2 has received a facelift for 2021 and is looking rather more appealing. Off the bat, the SQ2 has a new front and rear bumper design with new LED headlights, interior mood lighting and Audi’s 2.0litre TFSI petrol engine pushing 300bhp.

The new designs on the SQ2 have aimed at making it a little less boxy, with a sleeker and sportier look to it. A new grille pattern comes in place of the last generation’s chrome strips, the latest tech in LED headlights, whilst the rear still rocks the four tailpipes and new diffuser design. The SQ2 also comes with 18’ alloy wheels as standard, and S branded callipers. Offered in 3 versions: SQ2, SQ2 Black Edition and new SQ2 Vorsprung.

The afore mentioned 2.0litre TFSI engine powering the new model draws its 300bhp from 1,984cm3 of displacement, making its peak torque 295lt ft. The impressiveness of this engine speaks for itself in the numbers: 0-62 in 4.9 seconds, top speed 155mph, potential up to 34mpg and CO2 emissions from 188g/km. The 2.0 works with a seven-speed S tronic transmission in the top tier model. The super quick duel-clutch transmission also allows manual shifting via paddles mounted on the steering wheel. Audi’s intelligent Quattro system allows for the distribution of torque between the axles in the interest of agility, which is also supported by wheel-selective torque control, which makes minor brake interventions at the wheels on the inside of a corner to maintain the best line through to the exit!

The interior features high quality materials and a darker colour scheme. The front seats are sporty and upholstered in a black leather and Alcantara mix. The equipment list has been improved with the new iteration as well with a rear camera to go with the rear sensors, as well as new front sensors for those tricky to park in spots! The onboard infotainment system has also been significantly improved, introducing a fully digital virtual cockpit with 12.3-inch binnacle display and MMI navigation plus, which includes an LTE module for fast data transmission, and a three-year subscription to the web-based services of Audi connect, granting access to online traffic, weather and local fuel pricing information and Google Earth navigation mapping.

Like what you hear? Well, you will be able to order one in the UK next month if you fancy! Starting from £38,700. And with sharpened styling, plenty of quality equipment gains and technology help to make your drive more comfortable, I think it is safe to say it would be money well spent!


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