Nikki joins Ninja Warrior UK on STV

It's back. It's more gruelling than ever. And it has a great new sponsor: us.

The third series of Ninja Warrior UK on STV, the show with the country's nastiest obstacle course, will be a real treat for viewers. And the opposite of a treat for competitors.

Presenters Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara return for new action-packed hour-long programmes.

Tune in to STV as the series scrambles, stumbles and leaps off to a sweaty start at 7.30pm on Hogmanay.

Nikki reveals the way of the ninja.
Animated in all senses of the word, CarMoney's very own mascot – Nikki the ninja – will show viewers how to successfully tackle the latest ordeals.

Looking to emulate him are 250 flesh-and-blood hopefuls. These will be whittled down to a winner over five qualifying rounds, two semi-finals and the final on 18 February 2017.

The final will be in three strength-sapping parts, with the climax being the climbing of “Mount Midoriyama” using a 21m (70ft) rope.

We’re competitive. What about you?
Much like the show’s participants, we at CarMoney love a good challenge. We happily take on rivals and get the job done fast. It’s the way we go about making car buying easy and affordable.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a warrior, too? Then cross your fingers. Because we’ll be inviting our customers along to try their luck on the real course. Just watch this space. And the show!

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