If you’re looking for the best UK car blogs in 2018, then you’re in the right place!

There’s a bunch of great sites out there covering numerous automotive topics from vintage and green cars to motorsports and car design.

But with so many sites available, how do you know which ones are the best?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this article we list the top 12 automotive blogs in the UK and ask the website owners themselves a little bit about what makes them so popular.

Check out the full list below:



1. Take to the Road (taketotheroad.co.uk)

Classic Car Films, Photos & News Articles

Twitter | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

What sort of content can people find on your website?

"My site is all about classics cars. From documentary style feature films to DIY tutorials, classic car photos and news items. It is a hub for the classic car enthusiast."

What is it that sets your website apart from other automotive blogs?

"Take to the Road and the feature films I make are all about the story. Every classic car has been on a journey. And so have its owners. My films document this and let's classic car owners share their passion for their cars.

I also put a lot of effort into my films. I make them as cinematic as possible, which I feel showcases the owner and their cars in the best way possible.

I’m also a one man operation. I do everything from writing my own content, taking photos, producing and editing my films and running my website and social media platforms. It’s a lot of work but I love it."


What does your website have planned in the next few years?

"The plans for the next few years is to grow the site, offer more useful tools and guides for classic car owners. And of course make more classic car feature films. I have a list of cars lined up to film that are very rare and special. And with great backstories. I can’t wait to share them with my readers."



2. Green Motor (greenmotor.co.uk)


Reviews, news and opinion about low-CO2 cars, electric cars and hybrids in the UK

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What type of content can people find on your website?

"GreenMotor.co.uk is a blog for people who want to go further for less. It looks at all kinds of cars from the perspective of fuel economy, but is especially interested in hybrids, plug-in cars and electric vehicles.

Most of the articles are reviews of newly launched cars, but occasionally I'll publish an interview or an opinion piece about why there aren't enough convertible electric cars, or some similar topic that's got into my head."

What sets your website apart from other automotive blogs?

"GreenMotor.co.uk was founded more than 10 years ago, so there's a lot of material going back to the days before electric cars and hybrids were taken seriously by most car makers or the mainstream motoring press.

Happily, today, lots of people are interested in new and more efficient cars. I have an engineering background and I try to explain the new technology in the latest vehicles in simple terms.

I also try to give an honest appraisal of all the cars I test - there's no point in reviewing something if you're not going to tell the truth about it, even if that doesn't always go down well with everyone."

Where do you see your website going in the next few years?

"My blog is written in my spare time and that seems to be in short supply since I became a freelance journalist in 2016.

In the past I've shared writing duties with others (one previous contributor now works as a road tester for Evo magazine) and I would like to find another collaborator or two, so the site could be updated more regularly. But it's not easy finding someone with the right skills, who's willing to contribute simply for the fun of it."



3. Planet Auto (planetauto.co.uk)

Car video reviews and automotive news  

Twitter | YouTube

What content can people find on your website?

"People can find a wide range of content including the latest video car reviews from Michael, Annabelle and myself from our YouTube channel - car guides, vehicle challenges,our adventures visiting events including the Concours of Elegance and Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival and also catch up on our automotive projects."

What sets your site apart from other automotive blogs?

"Planet Auto, doesn't just blog, we also regularly speak to manufacturers to ensure we get behind the wheel of the latest cars on the market, allowing us to do a comprehensive review which covers the cars styling, functionality, practicality, build quality and how the car drives, allowing you to decide whether that car is the one for you.

We also buy our own project cars primarily for Planet Auto and show the restoration and repair stories of each car. Currently we have a VW golf GTI 16V 1991, 1973 Super Beetle, Land Rover Series 2a and 2 Mercedes 230CE Coupes, 3 bought in the last 6 months." 

Where do you see your website going in the next few years?

"The website and channel are flying, to think we only started video car reviews around 18 months ago. We have around 30 manufacturers who are happy for us to review their cars, with the list ever growing.

Our ultimate goal is for a TV channel documenting our restorations, reviews and adventures as well a few surprises to be revealed in the future."



4. Girlracer (girlracer.co.uk)


Latest news from the Motoring and Motorsports world.

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

What sort of content can people find on your website?

"People can find the latest news from the motoring world and the motorsports world."

What is it that sets your website apart from other automotive blogs?

"We cover all the mainstream news like other sites but we also focus on individual racing drivers who have just started their career and we follow their progress."

Is there any new features or content you plan to put on the site in the coming future?

"We plan to expand to include more areas of motorsports and focus on up and coming drivers"



5. Ecurie (www.ecurie.co.uk)


Car culture and creativity

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

What sort of content can people find on your website?

"Ecurie is a site that celebrates the best of car culture and creativity. We like to explore the best in car photography, art and design as well as featuring iconic cars from both the road and track."

What is it that sets your website apart from other automotive blogs?

"I think where we differ is that we like Ecurie to feel like it’s curated, showing the best of car culture using the best imagery we can. We want it to be a visual experience foremost, backed up with the story."

Any new features we can expect in the coming months and years?

"We hope that in the coming years we can increase our audience and therefore increase the volume of content. Perhaps a shop featuring unique Ecurie designed clothing and wall art too. And hopefully some more original content and photography."



6. Motor-Vision (motor-vision.co.uk)


Motor industry gossip and latest news

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

What sort of content can people find on your website?

"Motor-Vision carries a wide variety of the latest motoring features, news and surveys plus special features on classic, modified, performance and American cars. We also feature the latest information on in car technology, electric vehicles and track days together with a smattering of motor sport news for good measure.

All this, plus news, updates and the chance to enter the Motor-Vision Awards (our competition which awards up to £20,000 to people who want to realise their motoring dreams)."

What is it that sets your website apart from other automotive blogs?

"Very few other blogs carry our breadth of coverage plus, of course, our visitors can enter the Motor-Vision Awards and win up to £20,000 do realise their motoring dreams."

Where would you like your website to go in the next few years?

"Over the coming months we will be introducing more genuinely innovative content and services to Motor-Vision. Without saying too much at this stage, these will focus on the future of motoring and how new technology can change and enhance the driving experience."



7. Front Seat Driver (frontseatdriver.co.uk)

Reviews and features from motoring’s Phil Huff

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

What sort of content can people find on your website?

"Front Seat Driver is firmly focused on real-world experiences, which means there's a wealth of driving adventures anybody with enough bravery could do, details on useful gadgets and technology, and more reviews of road cars than you'll find on any other blog."

What is it that sets your website apart from other automotive blogs?

"We have access to every model in the UK, from Dacia to Rolls-Royce, and attend the international launches of the majority of new models. That means readers can find expert opinion in the widest range of road tests in the UK, including future models and technologies. We're also active on social media, especially Twitter, and will always respond to contact from users."

Where do you see your website going in the next few years, any new features that your audience can look forward to?

"As the site grows, it's able to fund contributions from the finest journalists in the country, increasing the range of views and bringing recognisable names to the site. A stronger focus on video starts later in 2018, while 2019 sees us planning a super competition that will provide a money-can't-buy prize to a lucky winner."



8. Daily Car Blog (dailycarblog.co.uk)

Car Reviews, Car News, Your Car Reviews

Twitter | Facebook

What sort of content can people find on your website?

"We tend to cover new car releases, car reviews, YouTube car Vloggers and make irreverent commentary that some would not dare to make because it doesn't follow long-held etiquettes of politeness. Doing so makes us a target for the elites of the industry. But at least we have the independence of thought and hopefully, that comes across on the blog."

What is it that sets your website apart from other automotive sites?

"There is no magic formula to creating automotive content, we try not to follow the mainstream thought process because people (the readers) will call you out for it."

Any new features that your audience can look forward to?

"Hopefully, the next step is YouTube Vlogging, we've been wanting to do that for a while now but can't think of anything that is different to what is already out there.

Also, Vlogging or creating a YouTube channel is all about the personality. If you don't have the appealing personality it won't work and as a consensus, we here at DCB have concluded we do not have a personality among any us:). You can create brilliant content with beautiful cinematography, but if you don't have the personality then you end up being the new Top Gear. We're trying hard to find as many excuses as possible not to Vlog but maybe we'll try YouTube as the next step.

But I have to say we have always maintained that we prefer being low profile, its kind of like maintaining a mystery. We had a guy over at a press office declare "we don't know much about you, who you are?" which is exactly how we like it."



9. Car Money (carmoney.co.uk/blog)


Motor industry gossip and latest news

Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

What sort of content can people find on your blog?

“Asides from Car Finance news and handy guides, the CarMoney blog features a wonderful range of helpful, educational, interesting and (sometimes) humorous blog posts.

From topics such as car finance, credit scores and ratings to more general articles on the automotive industry, news & views, the CarMoney blog features everything you need to know about cars!


What is it that sets your site apart from other automotive blogs?

“As you’d expect, our blog has a stronger focus on Car Finance than most other websites as that is what we do as a business.

It really is the place to go to understand the basics of financing a car as well as understanding some more of the complexities which can help you get a great deal on your next motor.”


Where do you see your website going in the next few years?

“We aim to make the blog the one-stop-shop for all things car finance and help solve any queries people may have.

As we mentioned, we’re now branching out into more general automotive content but always want to focus on helping out our audience.

Expect a lot more helpful guides, interesting opinion pieces and fun blog posts that will keep you coming back for more!”



10. Motorway (motorway.co.uk/blog)

Car buying, selling & industry trends

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

What sort of content can people find on your blog?

"At Motorway.co.uk, we’re laser focused on helping customers sell their car. Our content is designed to help customers choose the best route to sell their vehicle. We genuinely want to help people find the best route to a quick, efficient car sale (which may not be with us).

Alongside our price comparison offering, we have created over 25+ car buying & selling guides covering car valuation, ways to sell, online car buyers, getting fast cash, scrapping your car and a raft of other related topics. We also provide advice on how to prepare your car for sale and how to part exchange successfully.

In short, we aim to provide a comprehensive list of guides that cover all bases for anyone that needs to sell their car.

We also cover industry news and provide market insight on our blog on topics such as diesel cars, the electric car revolution and fun topics such as the rise of the Lada.

We received a lot of press last year for our diesel car price research that revealed average diesel prices were falling quite significantly when compared with petrol over the same period."


What is it that sets your site apart from other automotive blogs?

“Most auto blogs focus on car reviews and ‘petrol head’ topics. Here at Motorway we focus more on important things going on in the car industry, such as the electric car revolution and helping motorists sell their car. ”


Where do you see your website going in the next few years?

"We recently completed a round of £2.75M in seed funding. This has allowed us to start work on some exciting products and features.

We have huge ambitions as a company and aim to become the ‘go to place’ for motorists looking to sell their car, offering the best prices along with a quick, efficient sales process." 



11. AROnline (aronline.co.uk/blogs)

Commenting on the motoring scene – and, sometimes, a little bit more, since June 2004


What content is there on your blog? 

"If you’re looking for analysis and insight about the fall of British Leyland, and its associated companies, this is the place to come. There is more than 20 years of original research behind this site, and what’s particularly fascinating is that this stuff continues to be surfaced, adding even more detail."


How is your site different from other car blogs out there? 

“Very often we include views and experiences who were there, working in the company. So, we’re not just recycling the same old urban myths. I’m proud that we’ve put so many of those to bed.”


Plans for the future?

"Nothing planned, I’m just enjoying continuing finding new and exciting information about the company even now. It’s an historian’s dream come true. " 



12. carwow (carwow.co.uk/blog)

Buying guides and road tests

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

What content is there on your blog? 

"We aim to help car buyers find their right car. Our impartial and in-depth car-reviews are completely free of jargon and focus instead on what buyers are really interested in – what each car is really like to live with"


How is your site different from other car blogs out there?

“We're not a typical car site for petrolheads – we're here to help people who are going to buy a car. Our content is completely impartial, so buyers can always rely on us for the truth. We aim to simplify the car buying journey, giving buyers confidence that they will make the right choice when choosing their next car. ”


Any plans for the future of the blog?

"We’re always looking at ways to improve the consumer journey by introducing new features. We aim to make carwow.co.uk the most popular automotive consumer website in the UK – a one-stop shop where you can research your new, nearly new or used car, then buy it. We have a number of new features in the pipeline which will make the process even easier."



So there you have it...

Our top automotive blogs for 2018!

Did we miss anyone out?

Let us know of any car blog worthy of the list by tweeting us @CarMoney

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