Warrantywise, the UK’s leading extended car warranty provider, has released their annual reliability index which shows the top 10 and bottom 10 cars based on their overall reliability. It reveals that the Honda Jazz has taken that coveted top spot this year, with a reliability rating of 93.7/100! 

Top 10 Most Reliable Used Cars

As one of the UK's best and biggest warranty providers, Warrantywise knows better than most which vehicles are more reliable than others. Below you will see the 10 most reliable according to their data (2021):

Pos Model     Highest Repair Cost Reliability Rating
1. Honda Jazz £973.66 93.7/100
2. Mazda 2 £2,422.31 89.9/100
3. Toyota Auris £1,841.60 89.7/100
4. Mazda MX5
5. Toyota Aygo £1,339.36 85.5/100
6. Kia Ceed
7. Kia Rio
8. Suzuki Alto £733.70 83.9/100
9. Hyundai i20
10. Peugeot 107 £1,128.44 81.6/100


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10 Least Reliable Used Cars

We couldn't give you the 10 most reliable without talking about the other end of the scale! Warrantywise have also put together their least reliable cars with their highest repair costs and reliability rating. Could your car be somewhere on this list...

1. Land Rover Range Rover £23,890 20.2/100
2. BMW M3 £12,115 21.4/100
3. Land Rover Range Rover Sport £22,358 23.1/100
4. Porsche Panamera £10,758 23.4/100
5. BMW X6 £9,613 23.6/100
6. Porsche Cayenne £6,360 24.9/100
7. Audi Q7 £8,719 25.7/100
8. Bentley Continental GT £6,227 29.1/100
9. Mazda CX-5 £5,777 29.6/100
10. BMW M5 £10,129 30.8/100


There are a few surprising cars on this list such as the BMW M5, and Mazda CX-5, especially with Mazda clocking in 2nd & 4th in the top list for the MX5 and Mazda 2. But there is also no surprise to see the Land Rover Range Rover coming in 1st and 3rd for least reliable! 

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