Looking for a car on a budget? You would be surprised how far £7,000 will take you in the used car market! From small city cars to SUV’s and even sports cars, this is your guide for finding your vehicle under £7,000. And just to make things even easier, our ninjas have gone and found some brilliant deals on financing them just for you! Whatever job you need your next car for, it's covered in this list! From SUVs to sports cars, small city-dwellers to commuter cruisers! 

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City Cars:

Toyota Aygo - Find one here

The Toyota Aygo comes with Bluetooth, DAB digital radio as standard, whilst the higher spec versions of this car with reversing camera and even sat nav. This car will also do up to 55mpg and can be considered an honest run-around. If we are honest, the styling isn’t everyone’s taste so if that is you then the Citroen C1 is mechanically identical. 

Fiat 500 - Find one here

A Fiat 500 is the classic small Italian car and will not fail to put a smile on your face as you drive along! Even better news is that £7,000 will get you a low milage 2017 or even 2018 model with a nippy 1.4-litre. The 500 may not have a lot of bells and whistle, but it will come with a radio, air conditioning, 12V power socket for your phone and LED daytime running lights. This is a reliable and loved car by a lot of people, I don’t think your £7k would be spent poorly on this car!

Skoda Fabia - Find one here

The Fabia is a stylish little car, with lots of trim options! You may be impressed with this being under £7,000 as it’s based on a VW Polo. It is as practical as it is cheap with large boot space, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are compatible with SE spec. The Fabia uses the brilliant 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine, while there is a 1.4-litre diesel version as well with mpg in the high 60s. It may not be the most exciting car in the world, but it is definitely worth the £7,000 with the SE coming with a bigger screen, air conditioning and parking sensors.

Volkswagen Polo - Find one here

The Polo has been a favourite across the UK in the small car department for years, and for less than £7k you can buy a second hand one from 2014 and low milage! You will also be getting Bluetooth, cruise control, radio, and infotainment system. The Polo usually is powered by a 1.2 or a 1.4 petrol, which pulls nicely considering the weight of the car. Not a bad buy at all for less than £7k!


Peugeot 308 - Find one here

The 308 is a strong competitor in the family hatchback division, competing with the likes of the VW Golf and the Ford Focus, both will set you back over £8,000. Whereas a 2014 1.6-litre diesel engine with a very decent 70mpg. With a very smooth and comfortable ride along with a good amount of tech this car seems a bargain for £7,000.

Honda Jazz - Find one here

The Honda Jazz is deceivingly small as it offers plenty of room for passengers and luggage, and with its ease to park. Older versions, such as the 2015 models, come with Bluetooth, DAB radio, parking sensors, 15in alloy wheels and Honda Connect infotainment! With these models coming in from £6,500 which is not bad at all!

Audi A3 - Find one here

You may be very surprised to see the Audi A3 on this list, but you can actually get a very good second-hand model for less than £7k. If you look at the 2016 A3, this comes with the 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine, cruise control, alloy wheels, and of course Audi’s infotainment system.  

Citroen C4 - Find one here

Another hatchback you can have on the cheap is the comfortable and spacious C4. We’ve found some low milage 2014 models that have cruise control, Bluetooth, high mpg stats, parking sensors, alloy wheels and USB ports to charge your phone. What else do you need for less that £7k?


Vauxhall Insignia - Find one here

As the obvious choice for a lower priced saloon comes the Vauxhall Insignia, and don’t be discouraged, this car will come with enough standard equipment to keep you interested! It’s also got a powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine with very respectable fuel economy pushing high sixties. We’ve found a 2017 model with cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, electric seat controls and DAB digital radio all for £6,985!

BMW 3 Series - Find one here

The 3 Series is a favourite in the saloon car market. Not only does it come with plenty of BMW standard tech, even down to the 2010 model. Not only can you find one under £7k but a well but one with navigation, heated seats, cruise control, parking sensors and Bluetooth connectivity. They may be prone to high milage but for what you are getting, I think that’s on okay price to pay.

Audi A4 - Find one here

Another classic saloon car that you can indeed get for less than £7k if you go for the older models. You still get Bluetooth, cruise control, leather seats. Finding one with low milage isn’t as hard as you may think either. You can even pick up a 2014 model with low milage!

Volkswagen Passat - Find one here

A very underrated saloon car, you can pick up a Passat from 2014 for less than our £7K price tag. It comes with a touch screen monitor, 17in alloy wheels, parking sensors, radio, multifunctional steering wheel and cruise control! Along with the 2.0-litre engine, this saloon will do everything you need of it.


Mazda CX-5 - Find one here

A brilliant all-rounder SUV, and under £7k when you look into the slightly older, yet still well kitted models. For example, we have found 2014 CX-5s that have heated seats, reversing camera, 19in alloy wheels, surround-sound system, and infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and navigation. Pair that up with huge boot space and comfortable interior, this car is a steal for less than £7k.

Kia Sportage - Find one here

The standard tech that comes in a Kia Sportage is always impressive but, similar to the Mazda, to get one for less than £7k you have to go for a slightly older model! Not to worry as 2013 models we’ve found come with cruise control, 17in alloy wheels, hill-start assist, USB connectivity and rain sensing wipers. Big enough for a large family and a dependable SUV!

Dacia Duster - Find one here

Yes its everyone’s favourite Romanian car manufacturer Dacia, and their brilliantly cheap SUV the Duster. Now the Dacia may not have a lot of standard options and can seem a little bare, 2015 models come with USB connection (depending), DAB radio, electric front windows, and remote central locking.

Range Rover Sport - Find one here

Yes! Don’t believe me then have a look at some brilliant models from 2008 for less than our price tag! High milage is always an issue with cars this old, but as it is Range Rover the quality is guaranteed. Parking sensors, cruise control, electric front seats all come with these models. The major selling point of this car is the power that comes with the meaty V6 in the front.

Sports cars:

Mazda MX-5 - Find one here

The coveted MX-5 with its roadster style and sporty 1.6 or 2.0 litre engines surely couldn’t be less than £7k? Quite the opposite, if you are willing to go back to 2010-year models, you can have the 2.0litre with 17in alloy wheels, leather seats, remote central locking, ABS brakes and full electric hard-top convertible roof.

Honda S2000 - Find one here

The S2000 is a brilliant little sports car, and it looks great. If you go back to the 2007 model, you can still find it has leather steering wheel and gear knob, sports seats, ABS and 17in alloy wheels. Not bad for a car that can in 6.8 seconds. Not bad for £7k!

BMW Z3 - Find one here

It may not be everyone’s favourite sports car, but a very good one under £7k! This little convertible can be picked up for less than our price tag if you look at 2009 models. Even still they come with multifunction steering wheel, paddle shifters, automatic lights, radio and electric hard-top. With a 2.0-litre pushing over 200hp, this car would be fun any way you look at it!

Audi S4 - Find one here

Okay, so this one may be pushing it a bit, but you can still get a good quality low mileage S4 from around 2004 for less than 7k. And the fact that you can get a whopping great V8 for less than £7k is impressive in itself, but it also comes with 18in alloy wheels, duel zone climate control, sports suspension and navigation!

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