From next year Vauxhall will offer their best selling medium van; the Vivaro with a full electric powertrain, the Vivaro-e, continuing from the full-electric Corsa-e and plug-in hybrid Grandland X Hybrid4. Vauxhall aims to release eight electrified models by 2021, and having an electric version of all the vehicles in their fleet by 2024.

Based on Vauxhall's EMP2 platform the Vivaro-e can be varied depending on the customer's needs. Two batteries will be available, a 50kWh giving a range of up to 125 miles while a 75kWh battery will give a range of at least 185 miles (according to WLTP).

The Vivaro-e will keep all the features the Vivaro has been know for in its diesel variant, including its practicality and comfort. The Vivaro has been around for almost two decades and has been a popular choice for moving goods as well as passengers in minibus form. Zero emissions vehicles are becoming increasingly sought after, with low emission zone appearing in cities around the world. Vauxhall looks to offer everyone, from small business to large fleets, the ideal van to support business while keeping a low carbon footprint with the Vivaro-e.

Over the coming years, Vauxhall will roll out their electric range starting with the successor to the Mokka X in 2020, followed by electric versions of the Combo, Combo Life and Vivaro Life being added to the lineup in 2021. The next-generation of the Astra will also feature an electrified variant too.

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