Volkswagen is introducing three new trim levels to the Golf, these are; Match Edition, GT Edition and R-Line Edition. Each will replace the existing Match, GT and R-Line respectively, and cost £400 more, however there will be more equipment than previously. Two-zone climate control, LED headlights and Winter Pack, equipment which is worth £1,910 when optioned otherwise.

The winter pack also includes headlight washers, heated windscreen washer jets and a warning light for low washer fluid. These features paired with LED headlights this enables the driver to have a clear view of the road ahead.

The use of Edition trim levels has always been significant for Volkswagen, as it used at the end of the current generation's lifecycle. The 8thgeneration Golf is just around the corner, with its debut coming later this year.

“The Edition trim trio further strengthens the Golf’s appeal with a generous package of added equipment, boosting value by over £1,500 when factoring in the small revision in price over the outgoing Match, GT and R-Line trims. The Golf already represents a compelling competitive value package, and the Edition trims only go to strengthen this.” Dale Piper, Golf Product Manager, Volkswagen UK.

The Golf has been Volkswagen's most successful car by a good margin. Volkswagen also announced a price drop of £2,765 on the e-Golf recently, giving an option of an affordable EV.

The new Edition trim levels are now available to order and deliveries are due to start in October. If you've ordered one of the outgoing trim levels after the 16thof September you will be automatically upgraded to the Edition version.

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