Yes, our roundup of the week’s events arrives once more as we edge ever closer to the festive season! Plenty to read about from the release of the 2021 Vauxhall Corsa & Corsa-e specifications, to the 10 most reliable used cars on the market, we will take you through this week’s latest automotive news.

Vauxhall Corsa & Corsa-e

One of Britain’s most popular first cars, the Corsa holds a special place in many drivers’ heart. Not only is the refreshed styling very pleasing, but the amount of options for trim levels is staggering! You can pick up the New Corsa for around £16,440 if you stick to the baseline SE petrol model, whilst the range-topping Ultimate Nav with Vauxhall’s new 8-speed automatic petrol engine with 130PS.

The Corsa-e has much fewer options, but still plenty of choice, as the new range comes with more colour options than before! The Corsa-e will come with 3 trim levels: SE Nav Premium, SRi Nav Premium and Elite Nav Premium and the price will range from £26,500-£30,895.

We wrote an article about it last week if you would like to see some more of the options that are available – 2021 Corsa & Corsa-e Specifications

2021 Honda CR-V: New Design

Honda UK announced details today about the revised 2021 CR-V hybrid. Rolling into dealerships from the start of December, the mid-sized SUV will now only be sold as a hybrid. The CR-V now has blue-ringed H badges to signify its position as an exclusively hybrid model. Updates also include a new silver finish applied to enhance the visual appearance of the centre consol. 18in alloy wheels come as standard across the range, whilst tinted windows and wireless phone-charging comes further up the spec-tree.

Mechanically, the CR-V retains Honda's responsive and highly efficient advanced hybrid powertrain technology, which is built around two electric motors, an Atkinson-cycle petrol engine, and an innovative fixed-gear transmission. The CR-V is also pretty good at sipping fuel, boasting around 40mpg depending on the model and producing around 151g/km of CO2. Further revisions include tweaks to the suspension for better handling and comfort, while the steering is also improved for slow-speed manoeuvrability.

10 Reliable Used Cars

This week’s list saw us look into some of the most reliable cars you can find on the market. Each one shows their reliability rating, economy and offers a quick overview of each car’s best features. Buying a second-hand car can be stressful, as you don’t want to make the mistake of not doing the research and ending up with a car that is never out of the garage, eating away your money! Read the full article here – 10 Most Reliable Used Cars

Buyers Guide: Fiesta

Well, as the number one best-selling car in the UK, there are plenty of Ford Fiestas on the used car market. And as they also happen to have a wealth of options and trim, it really does pay to know what you are looking for from it.

From accolades and specifications to safety and practicality, this buyers guide will help you know the range of Fiestas that are on offer, and even compare rival options, in order to help you make an educated decision! Even if you aren’t buying a Fiesta, its an interesting read - Britain's Favourite Car

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