Happy Monday to you all, we hope you had a relaxing weekend! Our CarMoney ninjas are back to full throttle this week (from home of course) after the winter holidays, and back to helping hundreds of people save thousands on financing their car through us! This week’s news post sees the Ford Fiesta and MG ZS EV both pick up awards, while we can help you become oil independent with our easy 8-step guide to checking and changing engine oil.

Awards Season

Its that time of year, as manufacturers listen intently for any of their models being nominated or receiving an award. This year sees the ever-popular Ford Fiesta come out as the bestselling car in the UK for 2020 for the second year running! The cheap, cheerful, and mega-fun Fiesta has been a favourite among Brits since its first appearance in showrooms back in 1977!

MG’s folly into the world of EVs has been more successful then many expected, as it picked up the ‘Medium EV of the Year’ award for the second year running! The stylish SUV has been a hit among customers and industry experts alike, with plenty to shout about, and not a ridiculous price tag, as most high-quality EVs have.

Audi A1 Buyers Guide

The Audi A1 has claimed many accolades as a favourite small car. Who says you can’t be small and luxury at the same time? There are five levels of trim you can have with the A1 from the standard SE and Sport Nav to the more specified S Line Nav, Black Edition and of course the range topping S1 with 227bhp! You will need to bear in mind that the A1 holds its value much better than competitors such as the Golf/Polo, Fiesta or Leon thanks to its higher quality materials.

The 2018 re-vamp for the A1 saw a wealth of tech added to the lower tier models and boosting the overall luxury interior, as well as re-designing the looks of the car! Standard SE models will come with super-bright LED headlights, fancy sweeping indicators, a 10.25-in digital cockpit and a host of driver assistance systems such as lane assist and auto emergency braking. The small screen has also been ditched for a more reasonable 8.8-in touchscreen infotainment system with Apple/Android CarPlay as well! You will be paying a premium in the price for all these bonus toys, but Audi do pride themselves on the quality of their vehicles.

Why not read the full post here, where you can find out the most economical model, the best performance model (spoiler alert, it’s the S1), and alternative options for you to think about before making a final decision.

How to Check & Change Oil

Now, you will all have different cars, all with slightly different ways of doing things, but with an oil change, things are pretty uniform across most makes. Checking your oil is usually a very simple and straightforward process, but a lot of us forget about how often we should really be checking. It is a good habit to check your oil every month or more often (depending how much you drive).

This is an extremely important aspect for a normal functioning and safe car, so always make sure you have the correct type of oil for your car in the boot, just in case! If you are attempting this for the first time, it may be worth having someone there who knows what they are doing to oversee. Head over to the full article for assistance changing your oil here.

0-60 Times EVs in the UK

From the Tesla Model S Performance, to the Renault Kangoo Van, we have gone and rounded up all the fastest versions of each EV currently on sale in the UK and compiled a list of their 0-60 times from fastest to slowest. You’re welcome! With the misconception that electrifying all cars will ruin them being well and truly blown out the water, and the excitement as the technology rapidly improves, the automotive industry has more reason than ever to be excited and hopeful!

Head over here and see if you can find your favourite EV or compare the acceleration times to see just how lightning an EV can be! You may be surprised at the options and variety they come in.

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