An ex-demonstration car is a model that was used as a display car that has been put up for sale. They usually are driven by customers on a test drive or by the dealership staff. This means they regularly have very low mileage and come at a discount!

Why do Dealers sell ex-demo cars?

If you own a dealership, then you want to have the best and newest stock on display. You don’t want to keep an older model lying around the forecourt, so they lower the price on them and incentivise people to buy them! It is basically trying to make room for the new demo cars coming in. 

What are the benefits of ex-demo cars?

Ex-demonstrator cars are quite good deals for the customers buying them too. Not only do they have very minimal usage, but they usually come with a very high level of specification to show off to customers the top package for that model. So you may end up with larger alloys than standard, or a better infotainment system than you first thought. They should have been kept in pretty perfect condition so shouldn’t suffer from any nicks or dents. 

So far so good then? A cheaper model with better specifications and lower mileage sounds way too good to be true! But before you go charging out the door to find an ex-demo of your dream car, there are other things to think about.

What are the negatives of ex-demo cars?

You may feel like you have landed the deal of the century with an ex-demo car, it is important to remember there are always two sides to a coin. Similar to a pre-registered car, you won’t be the first legal owner of this car. Usually, with an ex-demo model, the dealership will put itself as the first registered owner. This will reduce the resale value of your car as it has had 2 owners. 

Also, the car has been used by the dealership so will have covered a few miles and might not be on the latest registration plate. Make sure to carry out all necessary checks to the car before signing on any dotted line… 

Should I buy an ex-demo car?

There are multiple options when it comes to getting a new car. You can order a new car, buy pre-registered, but ex-demo or buy a used one. Each has pros and cons and each is suited to different situations. It is important if you are in the market for a new car that you must do your research. 

Know what it is you need from this car and how much you are willing to spend and pick the one that best fits all those categories.

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