Wiesmann 'Project Thunderball' - World’s First All-Electric Luxury Roadster

Since orders started coming in last September for the new Wiesmann 'Project Thunderball', demand from customers worldwide has been through the roof, with all the cars from the first year's production now sold out. Production will commence in 2024 at Wiesmann’s ‘Gecko’ facility in Dülmen, Germany. First customer deliveries will begin in 2024, and they won't be disappointed!

Known for crafting retro sports cars, this German company is now set on creating a properly luxury EV roadster! Project Thunderball’s began as an idea back in 2019, when a retro German car maker launched Project Gecko – its first all-new model in more than a decade after several years of uncertainty over its future.

“If we were 500 people and could do both ICE and EV at the same time, we would,” says Wiesmann marketing man Arne Kastner. “But as a very small but selective group, we had to make our priorities."

It will be powered by two electric motors sitting on the rear axle and creating 671bhp and 811lb ft. With the weight of it hovering around 1700kg and weight split about 50:50 (the car’s still in its development phase) that means 0-62mph in just 2.9sec.

We at CarMoney cannot wait to hear more on this car soon! 

Posted 16/02/2023 Back to Blog

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