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Voted the best in Britain and made right here on our shores, always be sure you are legal when driving home. Of course, it’s common sense if you’ve been drinking that you don’t drive home. But what about the morning after? Did you know you can still have alcohol in your system the next day? So, make absolutely sure that you don’t risk your licence, your life or the lives of others in an accident.

The AlcoSense Lite 2 - £44.99

The AlcoSense Lite 2 is the entry level breathalyser personal breathalyser in the AlcoSense range.  Designed in the UK and easy to use, it fits into the palm of your hand and gives a clear alcohol reading in seconds.  For the technically-minded, it uses an intermediate level semi-conductor alcohol sensor – and has an adjustable drink drive limit for any UK or Irish limit.  Simply turn it on, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps.  Easy!  A few seconds later your blood alcohol content will be shown.

The AlcoSense Excel - £99.99

The AlcoSense Excel is a personal breathalyser suitable for every driver with an extremely accurate sensor which is a smaller version of the one used by several police forces. It has a colour screen clearly showing if you are over the limit and if not, whether you still have alcohol in your system.  The backlit blow tube receptor is perfect for use on dark mornings or evenings and the readings are automatically fine-tuned according to the outside temperature.  You can easily input a country destination into the device allowing you to use it at home and abroad.

Quality and Accuracy

Designed in the UK, every AlcoSense breathalyser is calibrated and tested to ensure accuracy before being released from the factory, with the Excel, Pro and Ultra being manufactured under ISO13485, the medical quality standard. An after-care annual re-calibration test ensures the products continue to work at factory-set accuracy levels year-round.

Stocklists: Halfords online and in-store,, and Boots stores.

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