Expensive rates, your days are over.

Nikki here doesn’t mess about. He’s focused on being a latter-day ninja. Well, with an outfit like that, he was never going to make it as a geography teacher.

He’s not an assassin exactly. (We haven’t employed one of those in years.) No, but he’s hell-bent on whittling car finance rates down to the bare minimum for you.

Here’s what else you can expect. It’s all good, by the way:

We compare the UK's top car finance lenders so you don't have to! And we can get you approved - fast!

Even if the rates we get you seem too good to be true, relax, they’re not.

We won’t  steer you towards a particular lender. 100% unbiased, we simply present great financial options to you.


We take care of all the paperwork and pay the dealer. All you need to do is choose your new car and drive away happy.

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  • Alphera
  • Barclays
  • Santander
  • Ratesetter
  • Moneyway
  • startline
  • Blue Motor Finance
  • 1st Stop
  • Hitachi
  • DSG

Comparing the best deals from these top lenders including:

Let's cut to the car chase

  • 1. About the loan

    Got a particular kind of car in mind? If so, how much would you like to borrow? And for how long?

  • 2. About you

    We'd like to know a little more about you. Nothing too personal, though. Any horrors in your music collection can remain your little secret.

  • 3. About ready

    By doing some extensive detective work at incredible speed, we'll soon hunt out the best and cheapest lenders for you.