Electric & Hybrid Cars on a Budget

By CarMoney November 20, 2020
Electric & Hybrid Cars on a Budget

After the UK Government announced that all sales of new petrol and diesel cars after 2030 will be banned, this will have probably surprised a few people. We weren’t expecting it to happen this quickly, but it has and if you wanted to get ahead of the game, EVs and hybrids are not as expensive as you may first think. And with the added benefits of no fuel costs and road tax, it seems like the ideal time to switch. And once again, our ninjas made a list… they love lists!

Under £10k

Nissan Leaf – Find one

The entry-level Leaf models have around a 124-mile range and the ability to host a large family while being emission-free. Not only that, some of the models we’ve found under £10k have cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, 16in alloy wheels and multifunctional steering wheel. Some people might not be too keen on the looks, but it is the most successful EV on the planet so it must be doing something right!

Renault ZoeFind one

The little electric French car comes in challenging the Leaf with similar range statistics but lacks the cabin space. You may find a strange option if you were buying this car new, as Renault ask if you want to buy the batteries with the car or lease them. Benefit to leasing them is you can send them back when the efficiency drops below 80% and get them replaced.

Citroen C-Zero – Find one

This is technically the same platform as the Mitsubishi i-Miev and Peugeot Ion, but nevertheless with a decent level of trim and £7,500 price tag, this is a very attractive EV. The battery will take you 93 miles (although 63 more real world accurate) and will charge from 0-100% in about 4.5 hours.


Kia Niro – Find one

Not only is this a spacious and family-oriented SUV, but it is also well kitted-out in all departments. You can pick up a second-hand Niro from 2016/2017 for less than £14,500. A steal considering some of the ones we’ve found come with adaptive cruise control, heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charger, Bluetooth connectivity, voice controls and navigation!

BMW i3 – Find one

This small German city car is all-electric and can be picked up for less than £15k if you go for the 2015/16 models. These cars are not prone to having large milage issues as they can only do 81on a full charge and have very good reviews across the board. Not only that but Bluetooth, DAB radio and rain-sensing automatic wipers.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid – Find one

Now you may think this belongs lower on the list, but with the newer Yaris models from 2018/19 come with an impressive array of tech and statistics. Not only is its urban economy upwards of 75mpg but for £20k you also get Bluetooth, cruise control and parking sensors.


Volkswagen Golf GTE – Find one

The brilliantly popular hybrid version of VW’s hatch division, the GTE. For around £15k you can have a second hand one with low milage and plenty of standard equipment such as adaptive cruise control, 360degree parking sensors, 18in alloy wheels and over 200hp to play with!

Hyundai Ioniq – Find one

Another hybrid contender, the Ioniq costs around £18k for a low milage second-hand model from 2018. Not bad at all considering you get sat-nav, Apple CarPlay, cruise control and rear parking cameras and sensors. Along with the fact it gets around 55-60mpg, plenty of room inside and offers a comfortable ride, this could accommodate a family from day to day easily.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Find one

Yes, this brute of a 4×4 turned electric can be found for less than £20k. Models from 2017 cost around £19k and that buys you Bluetooth, sat-nav, electric sunroof (depending), automatic rain-sensing wipers and cruise control. All from a comfortable and capable 4×4 gone green!


Tesla Model S – Find one

Oh yes, you need only look at the 2014 Model S and see you can have one second hand  for around £29k, and this comes with all of Tesla’s toys such as the tablet-style control system, heated seats, rear parking camera, powered tailgate and, of course, the astounding speed.

Honda e – Non on CarMoney

The brand-new all-electric Honda e has swept up accolades across the globe, including the coveted German Car of the Year award. This little car doesn’t even have wingmirrors! It is arguably overpriced for a small city car at £30k but the unbelievable amount of tech and heavily praised control and feel on the road makes you wonder. The fact it is the first Japanese car to ever win the GCOTYA is saying something about it!

Kia Soul – Find one

A full electric SUV and comes with 16in alloy wheels, Apple/Android CarPlay, touchscreen sat-nav and cruise control. Not only that but you can pick one up brand new for £20-22k. The battery goes for around 111 miles (2018) and the electric motor produces around 109hp. Not bad for an all-electric!


Tesla Model 3 – Find one

It is not hard to find a relatively new, low milage Model 3 for less than £40k. Our ninjas have found a couple from 2019 that have all the Tesla bells and whistles for around £37k. Not only does Tesla boast the best battery tech but they also have the most attractive brand of EV on the market at the moment.

Jaguar i-Pace – Find one

Arguably one of the best all-electric SUVs on sale today, the i-Pace is definitely one of the better-looking cars on our list, but also best equipped too. 20in alloys as standard (22” available), soft air suspension, large modern touchscreen infotainment displays and multifunctional steering wheel. The battery will take you around 230 miles depending on certain ages and will charge in 40 minutes from a 100kW charger.

Porsche Taycan – Find one

The all-electric supercar that is the Taycan! Obviously, this car will cost well over £30k, but we know you all love to see it anyway! The battery has a 250-270-mile range depending on model variant, but the power you will get should be in the ballpark of 390-560kW which will pull you to 60 in 2.8 seconds. I mean… it will cost about £100k second hand but feel free to have a look!

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