Top 10 Hot Hatches on Sale in 2021

By CarMoney December 2, 2020
Top 10 Hot Hatches on Sale in 2021

Hot hatches have been a staple around UK roads for decades as a favourite among drivers of all ages! They combine power with agility and simplicity and usability. We’ve made a list of some of the most exciting ones coming on sale next year! The variety of choice in the hot-hatch market is astonishing, going from small sporty little cars like the VW Up! GTI, to the Honda Civic Type R or the Mercedes A45 S. Here are our top 10 hot hatches 2021 coming on sale next year:

10: Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S |

Perhaps not the most exciting, hence the 10th place finish, but still a brilliant and popular hot hatch. With a high build quality, a cockpit that is a pleasant and fun place to be, and a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine fires out 189bhp. The steering is responsive and fun, flaunting the typical Mini eagerness. This also remains a very usable car with different driving modes, comfortable seats and a choice of 6-speed manual or 7-speed duel clutch auto.

Save up to £10,000 when you buy a lightly used 2019 model!

9: VW Up! GTI 

Volkswagen UP! GTI |

The Up! Is very different compared to most hot hatches, as it is more of a supermini than a hatch. But do not be fooled, despite its 1.0-litre only having 113hp, the car is an absolute dream to drive! This car will always put a smile on your face, and that is arguably the most important aspect of a hot hatch! This car was loved by journalists everywhere, the only downside being that it isn’t too much different from the standard Up! In a lot of important aspects.

Brand new will cost around £17,000, but we found a 2019 model that is almost £7,000 cheaper! 

8: Renault Megane RS

Renault Megane RS |

The Megane RS comes in various forms and spec. The price for one of these can go anything from £30,000 to the top notch, Nürburgring record-holder 300 Trophy R costing around £70,000! We would not suggest getting this though, as you will get everything you need from a hot hatch from the lower end versions. The 1.8-litre turbocharged engine with 276hp should do you well, with an extremely clever chassis with 4-wheel steering provides a drive of immense fun, which makes up for its lack of performance compared to its rivals.

Brand new, this will cost you around £30,000, but 2018 models can be picked up with low mileage for almost £9k less! 

7: Ford Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST |

Yes, the early versions of the ST were fun little cars when you were in the mood, but day to day were a bit of a pain. No need to fear, as the latest model has the Ford performance-tuned suspension and powerful yet economic 1.5-litre turbo to keep it a little more sophisticated! It is so playful and firm but rides relatively well and has a good amount of standard equipment in all of its various forms.

Not an expensive car to start at around $17,000, a second hand ST wouldn’t set you back much past £11k.

6: BMW M140i

BMW M140i |

The only rear-wheel drive option in our list, the famous M140i. Not only will you have the fun of a rear-wheel drive and brilliant 3.0-litre 340bhp straight six engine but you will have the build quality and specification to match its high performance. Unfortunately, that comes with a higher price tag generally. It will go from 0-62 in just 4.8 seconds and will go on to a limited 155mph and you’ll get there using a lovely to use manual box.

Save up to £15K when you buy used compared to the £40k asking price!

5: Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST |

Ah yes, the Focus ST. First off, it’s very quick, but couple that with this car’s sophisticated tuned suspension and brilliant chassis, this car is extremely agile as well. The ST boasts strong numbers with 0-62 of 5.7 seconds and 155mph top speed. But don’t think this car is just for ‘yobbos’ with their hats on the wrong way, it is actually very easy to live with on a day to day basis. And for around the £30,000 mark that’s not bad going at all!

2021 models start at around £29,500, but you could save £7,000 when you buy used!

4: Hyundai i30N

Hyundai i30N |

For a car that is less than £30,000, the i30N is exceptionally well specified inside and out. The South Korean manufacturer have risen in the hot hatch division bringing their N brand into the forefront of the competition in recent years, which would have seemed ridiculous 5 years ago! But the steering, chassis and brakes are all up there with the best on the market. And with a 2.0-litre 271bhp manual petrol engine, electric slip-diff and switchable exhaust, the i30N is the best value for money on this list.

Already great value for money, you can pick up a used i30N for £5k less! 

3: Mercedes-AMG A45 S

Mercedes AMG A45 S |

This car is beautiful and full of tech, but the thing that sets this car apart is its ability to re-write the rules for hot hatches. The original A45 model came with a whopping 375hp, but the latest one has been given 415! They couldn’t have squeezed any more power out of that car if they tried, with the most powerful 4-cylinder production motor in the world! You can even have it with an 8-speed manual box. The price range of £42-50k+ on this car does make people squirm a bit, but this is a psychopathic hardcore hot hatchback.

Brand-new this car sets you back well over £45,000, but used ones can save you up to £10,000!

2: Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen Golf R |

The king of the VW range, the Golf R. Like its predecessor last year, the R is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine, but this one has been tuned to a more aggressive tone taking it to 316bhp and 420nm of torque. You’ll get a modern and stylish interior with large displays along with 7-speed duel clutch gearbox. As with most VW’s it is stacked with lots of tech to make this one of the best driving hatchbacks available.

Well new would cost £35k but there is no shortage of these on the market, with slightly used models barely costing £21k.

1: Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type R |

The Civic Type R is probably one of the most fun cars you can drive legally on the road. It’s price tag does scare a few away, but it is justified with the standard level of trim and equipment, and the way the car drives! Older Type R’s were a little stiff and cumbersome, but had the power to win any argument with your mate. The new models on the other hand are worlds apart, feeling agile and tidy when cornering, and with one of the best manual boxes available, the Type R justifies it’s place as number 1.  

A bit pricey new but you can save up to £12,000 when buying slightly used! 

So if you are thinking of buying hot hatches 2021 this new year, there is plenty of exciting options to chose from. Our advice would be to stick to used as the value is there for all to see! 

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