UK Driver’s Biggest Pet Peeves

By Matthew Gloag February 15, 2024
UK Drivers Biggest Pet Peeves |

Ah, the British commute. A glorious tapestry of bumper-to-bumper boredom, punctuated by moments of sheer, white-knuckled frustration. While we all dream of open roads and empty car parks, reality bites back with a vengeance on our daily journeys. But what truly sends our blood pressure soaring? 

Our team of ninjas have looked into the biggest annoyances that make British drivers boil inside when on the road. Buckle up, because we’re diving into the murky depths of driver pet peeves!

Road Rage |

1. Overtakers who slow down

This was overwhelmingly unanimous! When someone tanks past you, only to slow down. Did they do it just to get in front of you? Even our ninjas agree that this is one of the most frustrating things that can happen on the road. If you don’t know what we are talking about – it’s probably you doing it, so stop it!

2. Tailgaters

Now this can be very infuriating on the morning commute, an intrusive and dangerous habit that has caused many accidents over the years. Tailgating is when the driver behind you is sitting very close to your bumper. The highway code claims a 2-second gap should be maintained between all vehicles in order to allow stopping distance if the traffic suddenly slows down. Since 2013 the UK police have been given the power to give on-the-spot penalties to careless drivers – which includes tailgating!

 3. Speeders

People who have a lead foot are also dangerous and anger-provoking sight on the road. Drivers who exceed the speed limit are a danger to themselves and everyone around them. Reducing speed or stopping in an emergency is a lot harder at 100mph. 

We know that some drivers move slower or faster than others, but there is no need to be driving in excess of the speed limit. Remember it is there for a reason. 

 4. Distracted Drivers

This one has again been repeated by many people we asked as one of their pet hates to see while driving. Those people who text, check their hair, fix their makeup, maybe even change clothes! You may have left the house in a rush, but it is not worth the danger you put yourself and other road users in. Concentrate on the road!


Interior Mercedes |
Sliproad |

5. Not going fast enough on a motorway ramp

Another annoyance that sets many drivers’ blood pressure skyrocketing is slow driving on a motorway ramp. Now, the speed limit on a motorway is 70 mph. If you are trundling along at 40 trying to merge with traffic travelling almost twice your speed, this is not only difficult but very dangerous! 

The motorway ramp is there to allow you to build up the speed so that it is easier to merge with the traffic.

7. Not signalling

This has been a pet peeve for years! This individual possesses a steering wheel equipped with every modern convenience except, apparently, an indicator. I confess this one sets me to muttering at a roundabout if someone doesn’t use an indicator. 

It can be dangerous, especially when changing lanes on a motorway. Your indicator lets other drivers know what you are about to do. We share the roads, so we have to communicate our intentions clearly to stay safe.


Indicator |
Full Beam Lights |

8. Leaving the high-beam lights on


Rounding out the hall of infamy is the High Beam Harry. This driver, blessed with the eyesight of an eagle and the social awareness of a rock, blinds oncoming traffic with their headlights! 

This is also very dangerous as the lights dazzle oncoming traffic. Always be aware when driving at night what setting your headlights are on. 

Remember, dear reader, these are just a few of the many irritations that pepper our daily drives. The key, of course, is to keep calm and carry on, as we Brits do very well! After all, a little understanding and courtesy can go a long way.

So, fellow drivers… Shall we agree to ditch the tailgating, ditch the texting and driving, and embrace the power of the indicator? Excellent! 

Have we missed anything? Let us know what your biggest pet peeves are on the road!

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