World's First Pure-Electric Hyper GT Car - Battista Atelier

Say hello to the world’s first all-electric hyper GT as it enters series production at its own dedicated space in the heart of Automobili Pininfarina’s hub in Cambiano, Italy. Each car will be expertly built here with up to 1,340 hours of hand-crafting to achieve a unique car every time.

The new Battista Atelier will produce more than 1,900 PS and 2,340 Nm torque, making it the most powerful Italian sports car in history! But a shame for anyone looking for one on the discount aisle as there will only be 150 of them made. From start to finish, the assembly of each Battista takes 10 weeks and each individual Battista is assembled by 10 craftspeople. 

Images by Automobili Pininfarina

The Batistta boasts a rolling chassis, comprising an electric powertrain, T-shaped battery, carbon-fibre monocoque and all electrical systems. There is also a staggering 128 million possible configurations for materials used, colours and engravings! What about after-sales? Well, there are three comprehensive packages you can choose from; Eccellenza, Futura and Eterna. 

Andrea Novello, Director of Production said; “The Battista Atelier is evocative, surrounded by history and inspiration in a facility that’s been refurbished to accommodate the assembly of the most powerful car to ever be created in Italy. Here we blend the most technically advanced components, materials, and quality assurance processes to ensure Battista ownership is as thrilling as the driving experience it offers.”

Deliveries will commence worldwide this summer.

Posted 12/07/2022 Back to Blog

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