How does the Automotive World really feel about the New M3 Competition?

It can be a brutal place for new designs, especially in the age of communication where everyone can have their say on a new model's design. When BMW release a new M3, the automotive world almost stops and takes a minute to assess, as it is a momentous occasion. But the response for the latest shape of M3 has been heavily ridiculed by many on social media, with names like Bugs Bunny or bum-face! 

But forget all that, what did the experts reviewing it actually have to say for it? We've combed through some of the most popular reviews on the new M3 and the evidence may suggest it is more than just a bad nose-job! 

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Chris Harris: Top Gear's Review

The boys over at Top Gear have always been great admirers and lovers of the BMW M3 and just how it blends performance with style and grunt! But having spent a few days with the new car, the shape was still bothering Chris and it wasn't quite hitting the looks marks for him. 


  • Chassis is 2nd to none
  • Very impressive control and steering
  • More capable than it's predecessor
  • Outrageously quick for its size



  • The shape is strange and disjointed
  • Front end design not for everyone

Mat Watson: Carwow's Review

Mat has been a lot of people's favourite go-to car guy on YouTube, and for good reason! He is impartial and very thorough with his analysis plus he is quite funny! And he had only great things to say for the new M3 and M4 Competition models, and even complementing the controversial front end design...


  • Lovely looks (in his opinion)
  • Brilliant 3.0litre Straight six 
  • High quality interior
  • Sounds excellent



  • Struggling to get 28mpg

Rory Reid - Autotrader's Review

Autotrader takes a deeper look under the controversial skin of the new M3, the most beloved and hated, most anticipated and slated car in recent years. How does it really stack up without the background noise of social media?


  • Most powerful M car yet
  • Sticking to what they (BMW) are good at
  • Brilliant new wheel designs and paint colours
  • More comfortable than expected



  • New auto gearbox isn't as good as the DCT
  • A bit expensive if you want good spec

Will Nightingale - WhatCar?'s review

WhatCar? have been one of the top car magazines in the UK for a long time and they continue to inform into the technological age with online reviews like this. His opinion on the new M3 is very much impartial, and doesn't show his view until the very end. Well worth a watch if you like the nitty gritty details!


  • A brilliant car to drive!
  • Feels like a BMW should
  • Priced not too far from competitors
  • Brilliant brakes



  • Looks don't live up to BMW standards
  • A lot of kit not standard
  • Not an impressive engine noise

PistonHead's review

You may not of heard of PistonHeads if you are not as involved in the industry, but they have covered the new M3 in their review here. A similar opinion comes out here about the grille, comparing it to the styling of its competitor the Alpha Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio. But that's not all that matters...


  • Cabin quality massively improved
  • Really nice steering
  • Looks are not too terrible in person



  • 200kg heavier than the old version
  • Not as responsive as hoped


Overall, the vast majority of them had only good things to say, and all agreed on the fact that the M3 may not be the best looking M car, but it is certainly still one of the best to drive! The big controversial design is something we believe we will get used to seeing, and hopefully the new models could suit it even more!




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