All New Dacia Jogger - Auto Express Family Car of the Year

It may have just arrived, but the new Dacia Jogger has made quite the impression, winning its first award at the 2022 Auto Express awards, taking the Family Car of the Year! The small SUV has impressed with its blend of affordability, space, durability, generous levels of equipment and enjoyable drive.

The new Jogger is exclusively a seven-seater which costs the same to buy and run as a supermini! Perfect for a growing family and packed with plenty of kit, the newest model from the Renaut Group's Romanian company will be a popular choice for many as it establishes itself in its category. 

Until the 1.6-litre hybrid comes along in 2023, there will be only one engine and transmission for the Jogger and only three equipment levels - Essential, Expression, and Extreme SE, with all versions generously equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, and rear parking sensors as standard across the range. The 1.0-litre TCe engine produces a respectable 109bhp. With the rugged practicality of an SUV and the sleek feel of an estate car, the Jogger brings the best of both worlds together!

Dacia has had brilliant success with previous models such as the Sandero, which makes up one of the top 3 of Europe's most popular cars. The new Jogger promises to be just as popular and affordable! 

Dacia Jogger Line-Up


The entry-level model may not come with an infotainment system but does compensate with stereo speakers through which your smartphone can play music or digital radio. Along with cruise control and AEB crash-avoidance system as standard, the Essential does really live up to its name.


The Expression trim adds modular roof rails, automatic wipers, a reversing camera and touchscreen infotainment the package.

Extreme SE:

The top-of-the-range model gets a factory-fitted sat-nav, wireless smartphone mirroring, alloy wheels and heated seats on top of the Expression package.

Starting Price

There is only one choice of engine at the moment, with the 1.6 not arriving until 2023. The starting price for the Essential Dacia Jogger is more than just cheap at £14,995 brand new. 

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