Top 20 Used Cars for less than £10k - 2020

Are you looking for a new car for under £10k?

We've got you sorted with some of the best cars available in that price range - now with a new list for 2020.

A huge range of cars, from MPVs to Estates to sporty Coupes, is available and you might get a surprise as to some of the bargains available. Looking for something premium from the likes of Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes and Audi? We've got you covered!

Here's what we think are some of the best-used cars on the market for less than £10k:


Best MPVs under £10k


MPVs (Multi-Purpose Vehicles) are ideal for families with space and comfort as their priority.


Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

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One of the biggest brands in the MPV market, Citroen know what people want.

Equipped with seven seats so perfect for large families, giving loads of room, including legroom and headroom.

Maybe not the most thrilling of drives but perfect if you need to fit a lot of people or equipment.


BMW 2 Series Active Tourer


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BMW launched the 2 Series Active Tourer back in 2015, with space and practicality at its heart.

If you're looking for a classy interior then look no further, with BMW's normal standard of finish is on show.

Even though the Active Tourer is front-wheel drive it offers a dynamic drive which BMW is known for.

On the downside, it's only a five-seater, not ideal for larger families.


Ford Grand C-Max

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Giving more space than a standard C-Max the Grand C-Max offers 7 seats.

The sliding door makes it easy to get in and out the back.

Plenty of equipment is available on all models, making it an enjoyable place to be.

The third row is only suitable for small children.


Best SUVs under £10k


Sport Utility Vehicles are designed with off-roading in mind, high ride height, four-wheel drive and low range gearboxes are common features on SUVs. Ranging from luxury to more utilitarian orientation, they can be suited to the driver's needs as a family car or off-roading weekend toy.


Range Rover Sport

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If you're willing to go for an older car around 2008 you can find the Range Rover Sport within budget.

The Range Rover Sport has always been a great status symbol, with plenty of road presence.

Capable in the countryside as well as in the city, it doesn't look out of place in either situation.

Running costs can be quite high so be prepared for that.


Honda CR-V

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The CR-V is more of an on-road than off-road SUV, focusing mainly on comfort.

From the 2012 model onwards the CR-V is more refined compared to older models, with less noise coming into the cabin.

Plenty of space, even for taller people, both in the front and rear.

Easy access, the rear doors open to almost 90 degrees.

If you're looking for an SUV with great off-roading capabilities you may be better looking somewhere else.


KIA Sportage

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The Kia Sportage has a refined feel, with quality materials used inside.

Plenty of equipment comes with the Sportage including a heated steering wheel on certain models.

Mainly driven by the front wheels but up to 40% of power can be sent to the rear when needed.


Best Estate cars under £10k


Estate cars give much more practicality over a standard saloon or hatchback, with a much larger boot, while keeping a low roofline profile compared to an SUV.


VW Passat

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Volkswagen is known for their build quality and reliability.

A 2015 model with relatively high mileage comes in at the top end of the budget, it has an impressive 650 litres of boot space, 1780 litres when the seats are folded down, ideal for moving large objects.

The Passat Estate is only available with diesel engines, if you're are looking for a petrol engine you'll have to look somewhere else.


Audi A4 Avant

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The A4 Avant has a stylish design, with the brand famous for its comfort and sportiness.

2016 models are available within the budget but you'll need to settle for a high mileage car with a lower spec.

A large boot with low flat lip allows for easy loading, the tailgate is powered as standard across the entire range of the 2016 model.


Volvo V60 R-Design

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The V60 R-Design offers great efficiency, with up to 64.7 mpg with low CO2 emissions of just 112 g/km with the D4 Diesel engine.

The efficiency is one of the biggest draws with the V60, the competitors cannot get close to it.

Volvos have always been a great choice with the reliability and solid build quality, one of the safest cars on the road.


Best Coupes under £10k


Coupes are 2 door sleek cars designed with sporty characteristic in mind.


Mini Cooper JCW Coupe

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The Mini Coupe first appeared in 2011, a lower roofline gives it a sleeker look.

Sharing its engine with the hatchback it is 0.1 seconds faster to 62mph and 2mph greater top speed.

Like its hatchback relation, it is great fun to throw around a B-road, giving a sportier feel with the raked windscreen.


Audi A5

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The A5 is Audi's answer to the BMW 4 Series.

The A5 can come with Audi's Quattro system, with a rear bias of 40:60, allowing sportier characteristics.

Available with plenty of engines and specs and for the budget you can find some sporty specs with Black Editions available or Ultra models for better economy.


Alfa Brera

Find Alfa Romeo Car Finance Deals

Alfa Romeo has always been know as the petrolhead's choice, with their beautiful Italian designs, the Brera is unmistakably an Alfa.

The Brera is available with a 3.2 V6, this is the one you'd want, it adds some theatre to the car with its soundtrack.

Alfa aren't known for their reliability and build quality, so it's worth bearing in mind it may cause you some issues, make sure the electronics are working as expected.


Best Pickups under £10k


Pickups have become more and more popular over the last few years, with their large loading area and high ride height, it's understandable why. With their 4WD they are particularly useful in the winter.


Mitsubishi L200

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The L200 is one of the UK's best-loved pickups, it is very spacious, available in both single and double cab.

Mitsubishi designed the L200 with curves making it more desirable than the average utilitarian pickup.


Volkswagen Amarok

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The Amarok is VW's foray into pickups, it has a powerfully 177bhp engine with 310lb ft of torque, giving it plenty of power.

The engine is more refined than it's competition, using the 8th gear, in the ZF automatic gearbox, at motorway speeds the engine is quiet.

The Amarok is a big car but with its refinement, it feels like a much smaller car, easy to manoeuvrer around town.


Nissan Navara

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The Nissan Navara was launched in 2005 focused as a commercial vehicle, in 2010 it was updated to offer a more car-like feel.

Available as a double or king cab, the Navara gives loads of space for the family.

The updated version has been improved with new interior trim as well as a new sat nav/infotainment system bringing it into the 21st century.


Best hatchbacks under £10k


Hatchbacks are designed as an all-round car, giving practicality and economic benefits with a small price tag. From small family cars to hot hatches with loads of power, there's a hatchback for everyone.



Find Volkswagen Car Finance Deals

The Polo GTI is a small car but packs power to make it a fun drive, handling like a go-kart, another car that is at home on a B-road.

Familiar VW styling, tartan seats and a flat bottomed steering wheel are all reasons to go for the GTI.

Available in both 3-door and 5-door variants depending on your preference/needs.

At the top of the budget a 2012 car with the 1.4 turbo engine packing 178bhp.


Audi A3

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Audi quality in a hatchback is very desirable, the A3 brings the familiar Audi features into a hatchback.

There is a huge choice of A3s available for the budget from 125bhp, 1.4-litre petrol turbos to 2.0 TDI S-line models.

The perfect car for someone who enjoys a premium brand.

3-door and 5-door versions are both available.


Ford Fiesta ST

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Since it's launch the Fiesta ST has been very popular, one of the best handling hot hatches available today.

Powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine producing 180bhp, great for a drive in the countryside.

Ford's ST badged cars have always been known for their handling, making them extremely fun to drive, the Fiesta ST carries this on.

The ST is just coming into budget, ST line cars are available slightly cheaper too, with a bit less power though.


Best Saloons under £10k


Saloons are four-door cars, with the boot being separate from the interior of the car. Favoured by families and also used as rep mobiles, due to their comfort and practicality.


BMW 3 Series

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The 3 Series is the epitome of a saloon, BMW have been making the 3 series for years and keep improving on it.

Known for its engaging drive, the 3 Series has quite a stiff chassis but still comfortable even on the British roads.

A fun car to drive on a backroad and comfortable enough for many motorway miles.


Volkswagen CC

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The Volkswagen CC is a great looking car, it is more of a four-door coupe.

A low rear roofline is a little impractical with the rear headroom being compromised for a sleeker look.

The CC gets an abundance of safety features to keep the driver safe, it also comes with features such as DAB radio, Bluetooth and sports suspension.

A premium car with a sweeping body design.


Mercedes Benz C-Class

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The C-Class is a premium saloon from Mercedes, with a comfortable, relaxing driving experience.

The current model C200d gives economy up to 72.4mpg making it perfect for long-distance drivers.

The latest model does come within budget but cars available are high mileage.

If you don't mind an older model there are a great selection of cars available with various trim levels.

A good option for someone who is looking for a premium brand with some sporting heritage too.

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