With the rise of Covid-19, online shopping has skyrocketed even more than it already was in previous years. You can now find almost anything online if you look hard enough! But this guide will focus on the main pros and cons of buying a car online. 

If you are looking for a new car, we can help!

Where can I Buy a Car Online?

More and more manufacturers and dealerships are moving to more digital sales and starting their own platforms. Customers love this as they can browse stock from the comfort of their own homes. 

It can be even more convenient if you go direct to the manufacturer website, where some will let you design your car from the ground up. Part-exchanges are usually available too with a built-in website calculator. It is important to bear in mind that this way will likely be more expensive! 

Dealerships are now also starting to move a lot of their sales online. This has again been largely forced on by the Coronavirus pandemic, as many dealerships had to shut their doors to upfront sales. 

‘Click and Collect’ is very popular among dealers these days, allowing you to browse their stock, pick out a car and then come to the showroom to collect it in a socially distanced environment. This itself can make it very difficult to haggle the price down at all, and a lot of people end up paying the ticket price for their new car.

Buying a Car through CarMoney

Coming to a recognised broker such as CarMoney is a good way to ensure you are getting a good car at the best possible rate you can get. It also takes the stress out of the buying process, as you know your application is with a true car finance ninja!

Relax... Nikki's got this!

We are not a lender or a dealership. We are a car finance broker, which means we work with finance lenders and dealerships around the UK to get you your new car without the hassle! 

What does CarMoney do?

  1. Apply through our website
  2. Already found a car? Great! If not, we can help you find that too!
  3. We swoop into action and find the best rates available to you from our 20+ lenders!
  4. Free history + dealership checks
  5. PCP Finance + HP finance from 5.9% APR

 What do I need to do?

  1. Head over to our car finance calculator
  2. Input how much you wish to borrow
  3. Our ninjas swoop into action and do the rest, finding you the best finance rate! 

Is Buying a Car Online Safe?

Believe it or not, you actually have more protection buying a car online than through a dealership! Under UK law, if you buy a car 100% remotely, you’re covered by the Consumer Contracts Regulations. The main protection is the right to cancel your order, without question, within 14 days of receiving it with a full refund issued. 

It is vitally important before signing any financial agreement to read through the Terms + Conditions. There could be hidden charges/mileage limitations you are not aware of. 

What kind of New Cars can you Buy Online?

Manufacturer Build your own:

These are cars that have been built exactly to the customer’s specifications. You are usually able to do this on their website.

Dealer Stock:

Now, these vehicles are brand-new cars that are ready right away. The downside to this is that the specification may not be exactly what you were looking for. You would, however, be the car’s first registered keeper.

Pre-Registration Cars:

Pre-registration/nearly-new cars are cars that have been slightly used but not as a customer vehicle. Their previous life is usually as a showroom model for test drives and the like. The real benefit of these models as a customer is that they would be much cheaper than the brand-new models.

What Consumer Protection do I have?

The Consumer Contracts Regulation guarantees important aspects such as the details of the car, ie features, price, tax etc. It also gives you a cool-off period of 14 days after the purchase. This again only applies if you have bought online, over the phone or on the website. The guidelines also allow the deposit you placed when ordering the car to be refunded.

If you buy through a dealership in person, you still have an absolute right to be well informed, but you’re only able to benefit from that cooling-off period law if you buy the car 100% remotely.

Bear in mind, the Consumer Regulations let the trader recover some of the costs if you’ve used the car “beyond what is necessary” (eg extra mileage/damage) within the 14 day period before handing it back. 

Useful Information

We have loads of helpful guides and reviews across our blog to help you find, understand, compare and finance the perfect car for you! With so many options in the used car market, it can be a daunting task to find your next car. 

Our team of expert ninjas will guide you through the financial processes as well as explain any jargon, and even help you find a car to match your budget (if you haven’t already found one). There is a reason we are one of the UK’s biggest brokerages! 

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